Arun Play Strategy Survey
(May - July 2017)

Arun District Council manages approximately 80 play areas within the District and is in the process of revising its strategy for the future management and provision of these sites. The Council is aiming to provide outdoor play areas that meet the needs of residents and visitors to the District whilst at the same time ensuring tax payers' money is spent the most efficient and appropriate way.

Your responses will help shape Arun’s future play area strategy.  The survey runs from 22nd May to 9th July 2017.

Part one: About you and your family

Please provide us with some details about you and your family.  This, combined with your responses later on, will help us determine the type and location of equipment to focus on.

What is your age?
Are you male or female?
How many children* do you have in each of the following age ranges? [please write in a number in each box.  If none, please write in zero]:
* for the purposes of this survey, these may be your own children or else children that you regularly take to outdoor play areas within the district (for instance, your grandchildren)

Part two: About your favourite local play area

Please tell us about your favourite outdoor play area in the Arun District.  We are equally interested in the views of parents/carers who visit play areas with their children as well as play area users (children).

Which is your favourite outdoor play area in the Arun District (or which do you visit most often)?  [As it's not always easy to recall the name of a play area we've listed the most popular ones managed by Arun District Council.  Please select one of these or else tick 'other' and write in the name of your favourite (which may or may not be managed by the council).  If you don't have a favourite, please tick the 'no favourite' box]
Why do you visit this play area? [please select all that apply]
How often do you visit this play area?
Do you use any other play areas within the Arun District more than once a year?

Part three: Your views on play areas in general

Following recent public consultation aimed at setting Open Space Standards for the emerging Local Plan, a recommendation has been set that everyone in the district should have access to a good quality play area within a 10 minute walk. In your opinion is this a reasonable recommendation?
In order to assess the true value of a play area to a community an assessment of the ‘value’ can be based on a range of factors.  How strongly do you agree/disagree with each of the following factors?
"The amount of use it gets"

"The number of children living in that locality"

"The availability of other play areas nearby"

"Its accessibility" [i.e. is it on a school/walking route?; is it visible/accessible to the wider community?]
How strongly do you agree/disagree with each of the following statements about play areas?
"Good play areas should provide a range of equipment and play features for children of different ages and abilities"

"The provision of seats/benches for parents/carers to use and socialise is an important feature of a play area"

"The provision of facilities such as toilets and cafés near to a play area mean I would be more likely to choose to use it"

"The quality and safety of public play areas is important"

"Public funds should be spent maintaining and where possible enhancing those sites which have a high value to communities"

"Spending public money maintaining and replacing equipment in play areas that rarely get used is a poor use of Council resources"

"The opportunity for children to play and explore in parks and open spaces should extend to the whole area, not just a fenced off area with play equipment"

"More dog free parks would provide better opportunities for children to play and explore in a safe environment"

"Where new large scale housing developments are built, focus should be on providing larger, centralised play areas rather than a number of individual/smaller play areas on the fringes of the development"

"Where an existing high value play area may exist within close proximity to a new housing development, funding for play provision should be directed towards the existing facility"

"Providing fewer but better quality, strategically important play areas would be a sensible strategy for the Council to adopt"
There are examples in the district of near identical play areas within 100 yards of each other.  Assume you control the funding for play area improvements, would you?

Thank you for completing our questionnaire.  Please click the tick symbol below to submit your response.

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